"Dr Mirchin is a true friend and a great dentist.  He has cared for me and my family for 19 years and he has done wonderful work, and has been there for us in every emergency."  Jonathan S.


" In a 14 year relationship, Dr. Mirchin and his staff have given us true care. His work is beautiful and he has been available to us day and night."  Alycia P.


"When I first visited Doctor Mirchin's office I was truly apprehensive.  I had been afraid of the dentist since I was a child.  His kind and caring staff, immediately , put me at ease.  Dr. Mirchin is gentle and caring and really does put my comfort first.  I could not recommend a finer doctor".  Katherine N.


"When I first came to the Bethesda area , I had trouble finding a dentist who could care for my entire family.  He loves my children and my elderly parents.  My children love to go to the dentist and so do we all."  J. P.


"The Bethesda Dental practitioners are a trully wonderful group.  They are an oasis of personal care and caring in a world that has become much less so."  He has now maintained them for the last seven years.  I am trully grateful."  Janice G.


"When I smiled or even laughed, my hand was always over my face because I was so ashamed of my teeth.  In three comfortable visits I can now do these things with complete confidence.  I am a salesperson and my new confidence has changed my life".  Annette W.